Bid Water Heater Problems Goodbye

Look into expert water heater repair and replacement in Twin Falls or Kimberly, ID

It's frustrating to wait around for hot water only for your tap to stay cold. Don't put up with a faulty water heater in your home. Instead, hire Hardcastle Air for top-notch water heater repair services.

Your unit will run like new by the time we're done with your repairs. You'll appreciate how repairs will also extend your unit's life span and make your home more energy efficient. Learn more about the benefits of water heater repairs by calling our team in Twin Falls or Kimberly, ID today.

Is your water heater due for a replacement?

If you're not a water heater expert, it can be hard to tell when your unit needs to be replaced. You should consider a water heater replacement if...

  • Your unit is over 12 years old
  • Your unit is leaking
  • You get rusty water from the tap

Once we set you up with a new unit, you'll have hot water whenever you need it. Plan your water heater replacement today.